Consumer Insights

Custom Research

Listening to consumers has been one of the hallmarks of our Loyalty Program Design process for many years.  We believe that only by getting into the heads of customers and prospects, can we understand the triggers that create long term behavior change.

Our Custom Research process is typically part of a program design process – after we’ve understood your goals and what kind of relationship you want customers to have with your brand.  We measure consumer’s expectations of a future relationship, often by proposing hypothetical program and benefit concepts.  By evaluating potential behavior shifts and how consumers react to benefits that could be included as part of a relationship program, we are able to better tie our design recommendations to likely consumer response.  No two research studies are ever the same and we have a wide array of approaches to divine true customer intentions and opportunities to shift behaviors.

Syndicated Research

We are intensely curious about what is on the minds of the American Consumer.  What are their opinions on issues they read about everyday?  How has the latest news changed their plans to shop in the upcoming season?  Have their plans about major purchases changed?

With access to millions of consumers through our partnerships with clients and other programs, we have developed a unique consumer research tool to feel the pulse of the American consumers.

Listening to AmericaTM

One of our key research offerings, our Listening to AmericaTM report, gives a voice to Americans who often feel their opinions are being ignored by their elected officials, media, and others who shape public policy.  We believe that the opinions and attitudes of tens of thousands of citizens from all walks of life should be a more important part of the public discourse.

For marketers, media, and others who might share our curiosity, Listening to AmericaTM offers an opportunity to better understand attitudes of Americans and how they affect consumer behavior.

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