Our Approach

We believe that cultivating customer relationships requires both art and science. Our most successful programs have started with a brilliant idea for engaging consumers that is then applied in a rigorous environment of measurement, learning and focus on profitability.

Our Customer CultivationTM practice focuses on the segments of a brand’s customers that don’t traditionally receive the most thoughtful attention. We believe the greatest opportunity for businesses to grow appears when we discover and invest in building relationships with customers with the highest potential spend, not the highest historical spend. These segments include new customers, lapsed customers and first-time high margin customers (among many others). While these groups traditionally appear “unworthy” in the customer segmentation schemes of many loyalty programs, which focus on rewarding and retaining only the highest spenders, they actually represent tremendous potential profitability. Time and again, understanding and cultivating these customers has led to realizing a significant amount of previously untapped sources of contribution.