Customer Cultivation

The economics of starting and managing customer relationships have changed profoundly during the 30 years our team has been designing and executing customer programs. While it used to cost millions to contact your highest spending customers with high-impact physical mail, digital and social media now allow brands to spread their budgets over a much broader group of customers. Our Customer CultivationTM Practice will help you understand the strategies and tactics you can use to identify and communicate with a larger group of potentially great customers.

Develop an 18-55TM Program

Many of the customers with the greatest potential to grow sales and share of wallet are not among you highest spenders. You have to look deeper, using transactional analysis and self-reported data to help identify the segments of your customer base who could spend much more if they had the right incentives. An 18-55TM Program focuses on these customers, who have tremendous opportunity to increase sales, but who don’t necessarily meet the thresholds for a program targeting the most frequent customers.


As digital contact channels have proliferated, brands have been presented with an exciting array of new, inexpensive opportunities to reach customers. This proliferation requires careful coordination to manage a consistent message and identify and nurture prospects with high profit potential. We have developed specific e-CultivationTM strategies that leverage the significant cost advantages of collecting data and deploying omni-channel campaigns digitally.

If you want to learn more about building a program for your less frequent customers, please contact us.