The Brierley Group, LLC is a recognized innovator in the design of Customer Loyalty programs. Our founder was a pioneer in the design of some of the world’s most successful programs, including American Airlines AAdvantage, Hilton Honors, and Hertz #1 Club Gold.

Given how Customer Loyalty program design has evolved over the years, many C-Level executives have come to view these programs as costly diversions. Thus, today, we advise our clients on how to design and launch Customer Engagement platforms that can be shown to measurably strengthen their customer relationships and profitably drive the desired customer behavior.

As both an advisor to clients and an innovative creator of its new programs, The Brierley Group has demonstrated the vision to profitably change the way consumers behave. Our philosophy is structured around three separate practices which together have been shown to help our clients increase both share of wallet and, more importantly, share of attention:

Our Rethinking Loyalty™ practice offers our clients a bundle of targeted services developed from our founder’s career-long experience observing and analyzing the design errors that disadvantage many of today’s loyalty programs. The Rethinking Loyalty practice focuses on introducing elements proven to incentivize profitable behavior and drive incremental spend while eliminating unnecessary costs. By strategically introducing an appropriate cadence and thresholds along with rewards that can drive profits when redeemed, we dramatically improve the program’s profitability. 

Our Advancing Engagement™ practice demonstrates how incentivizing the consumer to react to a brand’s messages and interacting more frequently can measurably increase sales and profits. In today’s time-starved environment, we believe that gaining “share of attention” is more important to maximizing the long-term value of a consumer than short-term efforts to capture “share of wallet.”

Our Embracing Empathy™ practice focuses on introducing the design elements that build the emotional side of the loyalty equation. Listening to the consumer to identify their individual preferences, personalizing the brand’s messages and better responding to the consumer’s stated needs and desires.

As part of our commitment to defending the wisdom of having a well-designed Customer Engagement program, our founder has underwritten the Brierley Institute for Customer Engagement® at SMU’s Cox School of Business in Dallas, Texas. Serving as an Executive in Residence, Brierley is sharing his loyalty design expertise with the MBA candidates whose careers will likely help shape the future of Customer Loyalty strategies.

You can share in the experience by following the Brierley Institute on LinkedIn or by visiting the website.