Consumer Insights

Understanding consumer needs, wants and preferences: our Conversational InsightTM market research platform is a suite of adaptive solutions that allows real time interpretation of open-ended survey responses designed to allow dramatically shorter post-purchase insight.

Syndicated Research

We are intensely curious about what is on the minds of the American Consumer. What are their opinions on issues they read about everyday? How has the latest news changed their plans to shop in the upcoming season? Have their plans about major purchases changed?

With access to millions of consumers through our partnerships with clients and other programs, we have developed a unique consumer research tool to feel the pulse of the American consumers.

Listening to America

One of our key research offerings, our Listening to AmericaTM report, gives a voice to Americans who often feel their opinions are being ignored by their elected officials, media, and others who shape public policy. We believe that the opinions and attitudes of tens of thousands of citizens from all walks of life should be a more important part of the public discourse.

For marketers, media, and others who might share our curiosity, Listening to America offers an opportunity to better understand attitudes of Americans and how they affect consumer behavior.


With 40+ years of Loyalty program design experience, we’re keen observers of new program features and overall trends in the loyalty market. What new programs are being launched, how is the market reacting, and how are competitors responding?

Our LoyaltyWatch® reports, based on consumer research and our benefiting from the experience of working with 175 leading brands, present an evaluation of the effectiveness of a program design, both from a consumer and the brand’s perspective. We focus both on the program’s richness relative to competing programs and project the likely profitability for the company.

LoyaltyWatch offers insight into successful program design, presenting case studies, blogs and video sound bites that track the evolution of “customer loyalty” from its roots in the 1980’s to the present.

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